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2011’s Most Interesting 100

It’s photostream metrics time again. (See “2010’s Most Interesting 100” for more on last year’s metrics and basic analysis.)

To determine the metrics, I created a set of the 100 “most interesting” images (according to Flickr, not me) that (a) contain models and (b) were shot in 2011. “Most interesting” is what Flickr determines to be “interesting”—it has nothing to do with personal opinion—based on data Flickr has related to the how and when the photo is viewed.

Here’s some information about 2011’s Most Interesting 100.


69% of the Most Interesting 100 are from 6 sets.

This is the “short tail.” There is a clear preference to these sets over all others shot in 2011.

Amanda WhelanLeica M8 Underwater - Space WombUnderwater: Adele Anna Victoria - Action!

Molly Noelle Graham - Klimt PushKristina Paulk - Beyond Pinup


31% of 2011’s Most Interesting 100 are from 7 sets.

This is the “long tail.” Items in parenthesis “()” show the name of an “event set,” which is named after the event where the model appeared with other models. Shots containing two models were counted as unique objects.

Kae Kateri - Silver Midriff IClaire FranklinAmanda Whelan and Claire Franklin

Kelly Baker - Bikini ReposeAqua Night - Awkward? No, Fashion.Summer Night Runway - Talia Arochas

Vintage Clothing Shoot - Bella JadeDana1020Angel

Summer Night Runway - Shilea AllenUnderwater: Lynn Montone - Mermaid IISummer Night Runway - Amanda Penna

IvorySummer Night Runway - Alexandra ParkerSummer Night Runway - Meghan Quinn

Summer Night Runway - Aquasia DavisSummer Night Runway - Imani HarvinPrettyPrettyRebel's "Bang" - Sally Wong


Thoughts on Meaning

Last year I wrote:

What is considered by Flickr to be “most interesting” disagrees in many cases with my own personal photographic taste. But, “most interesting” is certainly of interest to me—at the least I should be considering the factors that make something “most interesting.” While being aware that “most interesting” is only one “opinion”—Flickr’s opinion.

I’ve been thinking about this all year as I’ve been shooting. For 2011, a little over half (53%) of the photos identified by Flickr as “interesting” are interesting as photographs. These photographs have a special handling of moment, subject, environment, light, texture, depth, and color. I classify the other half (47%) as pictures–they’re missing something and I consider them to be credible “outtakes.” Meh. So it goes.

Common characteristics in 2011’s Most Interesting 100:

  • Females
  • Caucasians and light-skinned African Americans
  • Aged 16-24; (midpoint 20)
  • Body type of hourglass or pear
  • Waist-hip ratio nearing 0.7
  • Solid-colored clothing
  • Form-fitting dresses
  • Tight jeans & tops
  • Bikinis
  • Legs/arms/stomach (or combination thereof) exposed
  • Shots including many “body points”
  • Shots with mostly blue, orange, beige, and tan tones
  • Uncluttered backgrounds

Other characteristics that were lightly represented—or did not appear at all—in 2011’s Most Interesting 100:

  • Males
  • Dark-skinned African Americans
  • Aged 24+
  • Body type of banana or apple
  • Waist-hip ratio nearing 1.0
  • Patterned clothing
  • Designer clothing (e.g., couture vs. “ready to wear”)
  • Vintage clothing
  • Shots not including as many “body points”
  • Cluttered backgrounds
  • Documentary and news-style phototography

The following characteristics from 2010 have been retired—I’m not posting black and white shots with any frequency, cluttered/uncluttered backgrounds supercede the idea of outdoor/indoor location, and I’m not shooting in “available darkness” very much.

  • Color photos
  • Shots taken out-of doors (or not in discernible studio conditions)
  • Shots in bright light (mid-day)

As always, I’d like to thank every model I shot with during 2011—without your participation, work like this wouldn’t be possible.

See 2011’s Most Interesting 100 at Flickr.


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