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2010’s Most Interesting 100

As always, I’m interested in metrics as they pertain to my photos. I always learn something when I view the data. And it always gives me something to think about, going forward.

At the beginning of 2011, I created a set of the 100 “most interesting” images (according to Flickr, not me) that (a) contain models and (b) were shot in 2010. “Most interesting” is what Flickr determines to be “interesting”—it has nothing to do with personal opinion—based on data Flickr has related to the how and when the photo is viewed.

At any rate, here’s some information about the Most Interesting 100.


56% of the Most Interesting 100 are from 3 sets.

This is the “short tail.” There is a clear preference to these sets over all others shot in 2010.

Carley - Cool LeanAnnette Newlin - Broken Chair IDasha Rene - Cityway II


44% of the Most Interesting 100 are from 12 sets.

This is the “long tail.” Roughly, each of these sets, on average, has two magnitudes of order less “interestingness” as any of the top three sets.

Renee Laura - "U"Amber C. - ComposedRachael Maria - London II

Kendra Danelle - Rocks and Glamour IIMonica Duarte - In the BucketJessica - Dress

Lauren Lucidi - Tunnel IVBekahJoy - Glamour LookArpita Patel - Fall Away

Carly Shoemaker - CurledL.L. Burrell - Like Strings of Aquatic Life in the Deep, Deep SeaZahra Femi - The Frame Cannot Hold Me

Josh Harnois - Spin


Thoughts on Meaning

What is considered by Flickr to be “most interesting” disagrees in many cases with my own personal photographic taste. But, “most interesting” is certainly of interest to me—at the least I should be considering the factors that make something “most interesting.” While being aware that “most interesting” is only one “opinion”—Flickr’s opinion.

It would be most interesting to see how an algorithm developed by fashion magazine editors would sort through my photo sets—or how an art photography professional would rank them. But, I have Flickr, which says perhaps more about the audience viewing the photos than the photos themselves, so you work with what you have.

Commonalities/trends for 2010 shots of models that made the Most Interesting 100:

  • Color photos
  • Females
  • Caucasians
  • Aged 17-22
  • Clothing black or dark patterned
  • Tight jeans
  • Open shirts
  • Low-cut or form-fitting dresses
  • Legs/arms/stomach (or combination thereof) exposed
  • Shots taken out-of doors (or not in discernible studio conditions)
  • Shots in bright light (mid-day)
  • Shots including many “body points”

Considering everything I shot in 2010 relating to models, it’s interesting to note what didn’t appear—or was very lightly represented—in 2010’s Most Interesting 100:

  • Black and white photos
  • Males
  • Non-Caucasians
  • Aged 23+
  • Very bright clothing
  • Closed shirts
  • Legs/Arms/Stomach generally concealed
  • Shots taken indoors
  • Shots made in dim light (early evening, night)
  • Shots not including as many “body points”

In any case, some new things to think about and test in 2011.

As a parting shot, I’d like to thank each and every model with which I had the privilege of shooting in 2010—the photography I’m doing and brief statistical work like this would not be possible!

See the Most Interesting 100 set of photos at Flickr.


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