Photography, Filmmaking, and Design Explorations


I’ve been shooting photography for ten years on-and-off. I’ve been shooting hard since August of 2009, after I had two years of work (2007/2008) critiqued by Project Basho in Philadelphia. Lots of successes, many more failures, but keeping at it steadily to improve skill.

This blog is mainly intended to deal with photographic activity going forward.

However, I’m a filmmaker: I’ve conceived, produced, shot, and realized a feature film with my business/creative partner on the venture.

I’m a published author: it was a long time ago, now, but I did it.

As a professional, I’m a technical consultant who helps clients with content and hands-on execution of the work: ideas and analysis, text and image, print and web design, photography and video, audio and music, social media and community building, etc. Yes, all of that, and a bit more, executed together campaign-style and executed well.

So, why not publish about the photography first and anything else that I think could have value and help others? It might be helpful to somebody. Somewhere. Somehow.

But it’s mainly about “Further.” Pushing forward into new spaces and improving skill as I go. See you around. -Will


One response

  1. Jean Balthard

    Great help and outstanding lessons. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.

    April 20, 2019 at 23:40

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